African Council For Accreditation and Accountability

Resource Mobilization

Young man volunteers during a clothing driving in his community. He is greeting a young woman.

  1. Donor or Investor Expectations

Fund-raising appeals must not create unrealistic expectations of what a donor or investor(s) funds will actually accomplish within the AfCAA member’s organization, or in the case of donated funds, within the donor’s life.

  1. Truthfulness in Communication

Members must provide a current report, upon written request, including financial information on any specific project for which it is soliciting funds. All communication used to mobilize funding must be current, complete, and accurate. References to past, present or proposed activities of the fund raising entity or its partners must be appropriately dated. There must be no material omissions or exaggerations of fact or use of misleading photographs, videos, or any other communication which would tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding.

  1. Use of Funds

All statements made by the member in its fund-raising appeals about the use of the gift must be honoured by the member. The donor’s/investor’s intent is related both to what was communicated in the appeal and to any donor/investor instructions accompanying the funds. The member should be aware that communications made in fund-raising may create a legally binding restriction.

  1. Projects Unrelated to a Member’s Primary Purpose

A member mobilizing or receiving funds for programs that are not part of its present or prospective activities, must either treat them as restricted funds and channel them through an organization that can carry out the donor’s intent or return the funds to the donor.

  1. Acknowledgment of Gifts-in-Kind

Property or gifts-in-kind received by a member should be acknowledged, accurately described without a statement of the gift’s market value. It is the responsibility of the donor to determine the fair market value of the property for accounting and if applicable, tax purposes and to use professionals to promote accuracy of the market value so determined.

Scriptural Basis

  • “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much…” (Luke 16:10)
  • Acknowledging and appreciating all resources as God’s providence – Psalms 24:1; Hag. 2:8
  • Be realistic in financial planning – Prov.27:23-27; Luke.14:28-30; Phil.4:19
  • Promotion of diligence and stewardship – Matt.24:45-50; Acts.20:35; 2 Thess.3:10
  • Faithful and accurate administration of approved budget – Mal.3:10; 1 Timothy.6:10;

Elaboration of Standard

Acting in the interest of others:

Where persons or institutions offer to invest or donate a significant proportion of their assets, they should first be encouraged to seek guidance from professional advisers, and to consider the broad interests of the family and the various ministries they are currently supporting before they make final decisions.