Impact: Improved Operational Efficiency

“We have been undergoing Global and National restructuring that have changed our organisational dynamics. We’re now settling down. Apart from observing government processes and carrying out external financial audit, our relationship with AfCAA is the first exposure we have to an outside organisation “scrutinising” our systems, processes and giving us feedback”

Mr. Emmanuel Richard

Mr. Emmanuel Richard
Great Commission Movement of Nigeria

Impact: Enhanced Public Trust

“Our engagement with AfCAA has deepened public trust and confidence in International Needs Ghana (INGH). Some organizations have openly shown their admiration to INGH for boldly submitting to AfCAA accreditation and staying committed to it.”

Mr Cromwell Awadey

International Needs

Impact: Have a Positive Impact in Accountability

“When we informed our main donor members about the AfCAA accreditation, we were greatly encouraged by the confidence they expressed and the hope for more impact.”

Dickson Masindano

Dickson Masindano
Buckner Kenya

Impact: Glorifying God

“God is in the central point of All we do. Our clients and visitors speak of the impact that our Statement of Faith displays at the reception has had on them. They see us from a different perspective and Christ is always at the core of our discussions.”

CPA / CS Chris Chepkoit

Chris Chepkoit
HR Powerhouse

Impact: Sustainability of the Organization

“Our church members and development partners continue to work with us because of our continuous commitment to the accreditation programme.”

Rev. George Shiramba

Rev. George Shiramba
Karura Community Chapel

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Accreditation Fee Breakdown

Accreditation is affordable and possible for non-profits, churches and Christian businesses. The rates are considerate of the categories in the economy.

Frequently Asked Questions?​

Most people ask us questions to know more about us, our processes and our team. You can view some of those here…

Frequently Asked Questions

African Council for Accreditation & Accountability is a Christian Non-Profit registered in Kenya as a company limited by guarantee. AfCAA was born out of a deep conviction that Christians in Africa must live out their faith and maturity through distinctive and accountable behaviors in ministry and personal lives. 

AfCAA’s seal of approval will be the sign that an organization has met the requirements for membership and annual retention of the seal will be a sign that the organization is continuing to meet these requirements which will include compliance with AfCAA standards.

AfCAA’s seal of approval will be the sign that an organization has met the requirements for membership and annual retention of the seal will be a sign that the organization is continuing to meet these requirements which will include compliance with AfCAA standards.

Engaging law makers and government on resource mobilization and providing Christians and church leaders with research and the tools to challenge and expose unbiblical business and economic principles where they live and work, by showing their detrimental impact on society.

AfCAA members are those organizations that have successfully undergone the accreditation process and have been granted the AfCAA certification by the AfCAA Board. 

By filling and submitting the application form downloadable from our website and paying the respective application fee. The assessment team then carries out an assessment after which, if satisfied, they will recommend accreditation. 

For an organization to qualify for AfCAA accreditation, it must be Christian- based in its nature, mission/ mandate or ownership. E.g Church, Christian Ministry, Christian non-profit or Christian-owned business or institution.

Ultimately, accreditation is granted based on successful demonstration of compliance to and expressions of the 7 Biblical Standards in the organization’s operations, policies. 

AfCAA’s standards and seal of accreditation are recognised globally as a stamp of confidence in sound accountability and stewardship practices in your organization/ ministry. Accredited organizations/ ministries become a testimony to a watching world that the body of believers do indeed model accountability and stewardship in ministry.

The accreditation process is a value- adding exercise that helps in institutional strengthening. It also opens organizations to peer accountability and exposes them to social investors. 

Members enjoy a wide range of benefits from AfCAA that are helpful in ensuring consistency in application and practice of the Biblical Standards, as well as continuous organizational strengthening and discipleship in accountability and stewardship.

AfCAA has a pool of assessors who are professionals in the various areas of our 7 Biblical Standards, which they use to evaluate an organization’s operations, policies and processes/ systems.

These professionals are themselves Christians who subscribe to AfCAA’s 7 standards.

Yes. AfCAA’s geographical reach covers 44 sub-Saharan African Countries.

Your organization will be allowed to participate in and take advantage of AfCAA’s capacity-building platforms like seminars and webinars until such a time you are ready for accreditation.

AfCAA’s accreditation is focused on organizational systems and policies. Thus, it does not accredit individuals but may accredit a business or organization owned/run by a Christian individual who subscribes to the 7 Biblical Standards. 

The duration of the process is mostly dependent on an organization’s readiness and turn-around times in providing the required documentation to AfCAA for assessment. The better prepared or faster in submitting documents the faster the process.

All member organizations are required to renew their membership every year. Our team of assessors conduct a desk review to ascertain consistency in compliance with the Biblical Standards before, accreditation is renewed for a further one year.

AfCAA ensures that all appropriate confidentiality obligations and technical and organizational security measures are in place to prevent any unauthorised or unlawful disclosure or processing of such information and data and the accidental loss or destruction of or damage to such information and data.

AfCAA may disclose confidential information, including information subject to privilege, to national and international regulatory bodies, a court in criminal, civil or other litigation, or to other third parties as may be required by law, statute, rule or regulation, as long as it is determined by us to be applicable to AfCAA.

AfCAA posts a brief profile of every member in the member directory section of our website

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