28th September 2018: “Every individual has been endowed by God with a unique gift that they bring to the workplace. This is what God uses to fulfill His purpose for every one of His children.

Employers have a crucial role to play in nurturing and developing such gifts to empower employees to make meaningful contributions through their work. Churches and other Christian organizations and businesses have even a greater mandate in multiplying the talents within their ranks to more effectively serve God’s kingdom”, Sharon Kisire, a Christian human resources expert in Nairobi told participants during a Talent Management workshop recently.

She noted that there is no better way to carry out this stewardship role than to develop and nurture the talents of their employees.

Based on our third standard – Talent Management- AfCAA encourages the Church and other Christian institutions to recruit talented, committed and honest employees through transparent hiring processes and develop them through programmes that encourage personal growth, career progression and skills upgrade.

AfCAA will continue to empower the body of Christ through our seven standards through seminars and webinars as part of encouraging compliance with biblical standards (see all our standards).

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