Impact: Improved Operational Efficiency

“We have been undergoing Global and National restructuring that have changed our organisational dynamics. We’re now settling down. Apart from observing government processes and carrying out external financial audit, our relationship with AfCAA is the first exposure we have to an outside organisation “scrutinising” our systems, processes and giving us feedback”

Mr. Emmanuel Richard

Mr. Emmanuel Richard
Great Commission Movement of Nigeria

Impact: Enhanced Public Trust

“Our engagement with AfCAA has deepened public trust and confidence in International Needs Ghana (INGH). Some organizations have openly shown their admiration to INGH for boldly submitting to AfCAA accreditation and staying committed to it.”

Mr Cromwell Awadey

International Needs

Impact: Have a Positive Impact in Accountability

“When we informed our main donor members about the AfCAA accreditation, we were greatly encouraged by the confidence they expressed and the hope for more impact.”

Dickson Masindano

Dickson Masindano
Buckner Kenya

Impact: Glorifying God

“God is in the central point of All we do. Our clients and visitors speak of the impact that our Statement of Faith displays at the reception has had on them. They see us from a different perspective and Christ is always at the core of our discussions.”

CPA / CS Chris Chepkoit

Chris Chepkoit
HR Powerhouse

Impact: Sustainability of the Organization

“Our church members and development partners continue to work with us because of our continuous commitment to the accreditation programme.”

Rev. George Shiramba

Rev. George Shiramba
Karura Community Chapel

ALARM-Kenya receives AfCAA Accreditation

ALARM Kenya received its accreditation and Charter Member certificates after successfully undergoing through  the AfCAA assessment exercise which is based on the seven Biblical Standards of accountability. 

ALARM is a Christian organization that exists to empower African men and womento be agents of reconciliation in their communities through training in biblical principles of servant leadership, peacebuilding, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Speaking during the accreditation ceremony in Nairobi, the Country Director for ALARM Kenya Ms. Racheal Mutai said the accreditation lays the foundation for an ongoing journey of intentionality towards realising full potential.

‘’ By submitting ourselves to the assessment process, we have demonstrated ourcommitment to walking the journey of accountability with AfCAA’’, she said.

The AfCAA seal of approval is a stamp of confidence that the organization’s operations comply with the internationally recognized AfCAA’s Biblical Standards of accountability, transparency and integrity.  This also means that Life Ministry – Kenya is now a Charter member of AfCAA. 

Besides lending credibility to an institution’s sound and transparent leadership and governance structures and processes, the AfCAA accreditation process is a value- adding exercise that helps in institutional strengthening. It also opens organizations to peer accountability and exposes them to social investors.

We congratulate the ALARM- Kenya team for the attainment of the AfCAA accreditation status and for their commitment to upholding the Biblical Standards of accountability and stewardship in their leadership and ministry programs.

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