Impact: Improved Operational Efficiency

“We have been undergoing Global and National restructuring that have changed our organisational dynamics. We’re now settling down. Apart from observing government processes and carrying out external financial audit, our relationship with AfCAA is the first exposure we have to an outside organisation “scrutinising” our systems, processes and giving us feedback”

Mr. Emmanuel Richard

Mr. Emmanuel Richard
Great Commission Movement of Nigeria

Impact: Enhanced Public Trust

“Our engagement with AfCAA has deepened public trust and confidence in International Needs Ghana (INGH). Some organizations have openly shown their admiration to INGH for boldly submitting to AfCAA accreditation and staying committed to it.”

Mr Cromwell Awadey

International Needs

Impact: Have a Positive Impact in Accountability

“When we informed our main donor members about the AfCAA accreditation, we were greatly encouraged by the confidence they expressed and the hope for more impact.”

Dickson Masindano

Dickson Masindano
Buckner Kenya

Impact: Glorifying God

“God is in the central point of All we do. Our clients and visitors speak of the impact that our Statement of Faith displays at the reception has had on them. They see us from a different perspective and Christ is always at the core of our discussions.”

CPA / CS Chris Chepkoit

Chris Chepkoit
HR Powerhouse

Impact: Sustainability of the Organization

“Our church members and development partners continue to work with us because of our continuous commitment to the accreditation programme.”

Rev. George Shiramba

Rev. George Shiramba
Karura Community Chapel

Advisory Services

Each of these training modules takes 12 contact hours. Training fees will apply based on the number of trainees.

Doctrinal Foundation

Standard number 1


  • Introducing Doctrinal Foundation
  • Significance of Doctrinal Foundation
  • Developing and Practising the statement of faith
  • Leaders’ involvement in entrenching the Doctrinal Foundation in the organization
  • Developing and Practising the statement of faith

Target Group

  • Senior and Tactical Management within organizations

Governance & Leadership

Standard number 2


  • Developing Board Policy Guideline / Board Manuals/board charter
  • Leadership and Management
  • Creating and Executing a shared Organizational Vision
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leading Teams and Collaborations
  • Leading and Managing Projects
  • Decision Making & Leadership Ethics
  • Effective Board and management meetings
  • Effective Minutes writing

Target Group

  • Governance Teams
  • Senior Management
  • Advisory Teams
  • CEOs

Talent Management

Standard number 3


  • Developing/Implementing Human Policy Manual
  • Workforce management
  • Talent acquisition / On-boarding
  • Communication & interpersonal Skills
  • HR legal requirements
  • Knowledge management
  • Performance Management
  • Discipline management
  • Separation processes

Target Group

  • Executive and Tactical Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • HR Executives
  • HR Officers

Learning & Innovation

Standard number 4


  • Learning & Innovation Policy
  • Innovation and Business Acumen
  • Creativity and Problem solving
  • Training and Development
  • Integrated Management systems for Effectiveness

Target Group

  • Executive and Tactical Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • ICT Managers
  • Operational staff.

Cultural Differences, Acceptance and Interdependence

Standard number 5


  • Cross cultural intelligence
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Cross Cultural Policy
  • Cross cultural training Manual and implementation

Target Group

  • Staff at all levels of the organization

Financial Management & Disclosure

Standard number 6


  • Guide to Basic Bookkeeping
  • Financial Reporting
  • Administration - Biblical Perspective
  • Procurement Policy development and implementation
  • Audit for Success
  • Development of Internal Control Systems
  • Risk management policy, Risk register
  • Taxation & Statutory returns Management

Target Group

  • Finance Managers and Directors
  • Finance Officers
  • Treasurers
  • Senior and Tertiary Managers
  • Accounting/Administration Officers

Resource Mobilization

Standard number 7


  • Resource Mobilization and partnerships
  • Identifying and Mobilizing resources
  • Creating partnerships for Ministry
  • Grants Management and reporting
  • Organizing fund raising events
  • Making requests for donations from donors and well wishers
  • Collecting in-kind contribution such as used clothes, furniture, books, vehicles or even buildings

Target Group

  • Resource Mobilization Officers and Managers
  • Business Development Officers
  • CEOs
  • Senior Managers

We also offer tailor-made training solutions.

These tailor-made training solutions are based on the unique needs of client organizations; from the formative level to the more sophisticated operations.

Other Offerings

Our other offerings around organizational needs also include the following products and services

Training and Consultancy

we offer a wide range of consulting services in Governance, Leadership and Management.

Books and Publications

Development of content for Churches, Christian Non-profits, and Christian-owned Businesses.

Gap Analysis

In-depth assessment of the existing organization’s structures, policies and procedures, identifying areas of growth and making recommendations for the strategic expansion of the firm.


Provision of business modeling strategies for investors.

Modular Training

Online capacity-building sessions via a blended learning approach.


Conduct research for organizations that will be used by Churches, Christian venture capitalists, governments, and the African Union.

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