AfCAA is an accreditation body that seeks to enhance public trust in Christ-Centered Institutions (Churches in Africa, Christian non-profits and Christian owned Business) through Awareness, Advocacy and Accreditation in compliance with Biblical Standards.
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What We Do

AfCAA shall provide the following three specific services: Awareness, Advocacy and Accreditation in support of its Vision, Mission and Core Values.


AfCAA has a seal of approval, which will be the sign that an organization has complied with the requirements of the AfCAA Standards and annual retention of the seal will be a sign that the organization is continuing to meet these requirements.


Creating awareness amongst Christian organizations about the need for compliance to the Biblical standards that apply to mobilization and management (stewardship) of resources and providing training on the same.  This will include training on the AfCAA Standards, which are on stewardship and accountability, as well as providing periodic guidance on their application.


Advocacy will be on two fronts:

Engaging lawmakers and government on resource mobilization and resource management issues pertaining to Christian non-profits and churches.

Promoting Biblical values in the marketplace – providing Christians and church leaders with information from relevant research and tools to challenge and expose unbiblical business and economic principles where they live and work, by showing their detrimental impact on society.