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About AfCAA

Unlock Africa’s potential through adherence to Biblical Standards.

To bring about public trust in organizations through awareness raising, advocacy and accreditation, in compliance with Biblical standards.

    • Christian organizations glorifying God in how they mobilize, manage and share resources;

    • Christians known for practical love through justice and equity in all their dealings;

    • Christians modeling to society how to mobilize, manage and share resources and as a result, influencing policy and legislation Attached is a fact-sheet on this exciting initiative that has the support of the All Africa Council of Churches, the Association of Evangelicals in Africa and the Organization of African Instituted Churches.

    • Awareness
    • Advocacy
    • Accreditation

To do all for the Glory of God, by:

    • Being excellent and blameless
    • Applying stewardship
    • Upholding accountability
    • Being diligent
    • Ensuring credibility
    • Wise careful planning
    • Being self-disciplined

Biblical passages which underpin AfCAA:

2 Cor. 8: 19-22, Prov. 21:5, Isaiah 2:1-3, Isa 60:1.2, Matt 5:11-16, Luke 14:28-30, 1 Cor 10: 31, Eph 2:10, 2 Tim 1:7; 2 Tim 2:15.

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AfCAA Statement of Faith

  • We believe the Bible to be the only inspired, true and infallible word of God. We believe the Bible is the supreme and final authority and without error in what it teaches and affirms

  • We believe that there is one God who exists as a Triune Being: Father, Son and Holy Spirit .He is the Eternal Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier.

  • We believe in Jesus Christ who is fully God and became fully Man: in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father as the believer’s Advocate, Intercessor and Mediator, in His present rule as Head of the Church and in His personal visible return in power and glory to consummate history and fulfill the eternal plan of God.

  • We believe in the Holy Spirit as the believer’s ever-present Counsellor, Companion and Intercessor and also in His ministry. We believe that He is the third person in the Trinity .He is fully God. He is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, He is alive. His ministry is to bear witness of Jesus and convict of sin, righteousness and judgment. He indwells all believers and is available to empower them to lead Christ-like lives. The Spirit gives them spiritual gifts with which to serve fellow believers and reach out to a lost and needy world

  • We believe in man’s need for salvation. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, social class, or intellectual ability, is created in God’s image and for communion with God. But because of sin, that communion was broken and all of humanity was separated from God, the source of all life. Because of the fall, everyone deserves God’s judgment Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and God gives salvation and eternal life to those who trust in him. Salvation cannot be earned through personal goodness or human effort. It is a gift that is received by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and his death on the cross and resurrection from the grave.

  • We believe that all believers are members of the body of Christ, the one true church universal. Spiritual unity is to be expressed among Christians by acceptance and love of one another across ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, national, generational, gender, and denominational lines. The local church is a group of believers who gather for worship, prayer, instruction, encouragement, mutual accountability, community with each other, and as a witness to the world.

  • We believe in that all mankind is accountable to God for how they live their lives, and in the bodily resurrection of every person that has ever lived for eternal rest and reward in heaven or for judgment and eternal punishment in hell.

AfCAA Standards



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